League Information and Rules


The 5 Towns Flag Football League is run by Rabbi Eli Brazil and Larry Gross

The League will provide a fun and competitive fun environment for children in Grades Pre 1a – 8th.

All games will be played on Friday / Sunday or Motzie Shabbos 

We might have some Double Headers on Fridays if the weather deems  necessary- TBD

 There will be no rain make up dates this season

 Schedules and teams will be posted on the web site in before the season begins.

The Fall League will hopefully begin in September and the Spring League will hopefully begin in March weather permitting.

 All teams will be officiated and coached by high school / college students with adult supervision.

After the game is over parents are expected to pick up their children from the football fields 

 Games are played rain or shine.

 We do not take any requests in making the teams, as it will make the teams unfair and we are aiming for a competitive league. We hope you understand.

NO CLEATS Allowed   – if you play in cleats your team will get a forfeit for the game. 

 All participants in the league are expected to behave with the utmost respect and menchlikite to both the referees and the coaches. Parents who would like to come at watch their children play are asked to politely watch from the sidelines and do not interfere with the game at all. Any concerns or issues that you have can be discussed after the games are over.

Looking forward to a great season.


Each game is 40 minutes running time, except for the last minute of the 1st half and the last minute of the 2nd half. The entire game with halftime should be a total of 50 minutes . Please come 10 minutes before your game is scheduled to begin .

We play rain or shine

There will be no Overtime in the regular season. Playoffs will be decided be the team with the percentage of winning records. The top 4 teams in each divisions  will make the playoffs. If teams are tied the tie breaker will be first head to head records . if the teams are still tied we will do  records vs playoff teams and then after that result to a coin toss.

In the playoffs: Overtime – will be college style rules- each team will start from the 50 yard line, Each team will have a chance to score . Any penalty in OT will be replay of down and half the distance to the Goal line.

In the 1st and 2nd and 3rd /4th leagues the coach will be the quarterback. There will be a line with rushing but the QB cant run pass the line of scrimmage. Starting in the 5th grade the players will act as the quarterback.

I. Receivers/Anyone running with the football
1) No jumping play is blown dead from spot that the infraction occurred
2) No spinning play is blown dead from spot that the infraction occurred
3) Blocking the flag will be called tightly (if you are running with your hands near your flags, that is considered blocking the flag) Stiff arming is also under this category of blocking your flags.
4) The penalty for blocking the flag is 5 yards back from where the flag was blocked
5) A catch is 1 foot in bounds
6) No fumbles
7) 1 timeout in the first half and 1 timeouts for the 2nd half. The timeout does not carry over if not used. Each timeout is for 30 seconds.

II. Flags
1) Both flags must be on each side of the players body
3) If the ref deems the flag unattainable (flags behind back, shirt tucked out…) the play is dead from the first place the player was touched by the defense
4) If a player with only one flag or without any flags catches the ball, the play is dead from where he caught the ball
5) All defensive players must make a legitimate attempt to grab the flag
6) If an offensive player is near the sidelines, he can be LIGHTLY pushed out of bounds

III. The Offense / Defense :
1. There are 7 players on offense on the field: one quarterback, 2 lineman, 4 receivers – If the other team only has 6 players we will play 6 on 6 .
2. The lineman snapping the ball is not an eligible receiver. If the ineligible receiver gets the ball, no gain and the offense loses that down.
3. After the ball is snapped from the ground, the ref must count to 8 ( new rule*) 
then the lineman can cross the line of scrimmage after that count .
4. There is one blitz every four downs. The rusher does have to yell blitz on that play before they cross the line. Any amount of players on defense may blitz. (1 & 2nd grade will not play with blitzing )
5. The quarterback may cross the line even if he is not being rushed but only after the 8 second count and before the 50 yard line.  The QB has 20 seconds to throw the ball  before he the play is dead

6. First down is at the 50 yard line , once you pass it you can’t get another first down .

7.   If the QB is sacked behind the first down, after already getting the first down on that drive the offence doesn’t will not get another first down should he cross the line.

8. The D-line cannot line up away from the line
9. Once the ball crosses the goal-line, it is a touchdown. Each Touchdown is worth 1 point there is no 1 or 2 point conversions.
10. A play is dead as soon as the flag is pulled. The offense than has 20  seconds,( new rule *) which must be counted by the ref to start a new play. We did this so both teams can make a play and not just go deep .
11. There are no kickoffs in the league . If the team wants to punt on 4th down the other team will get the ball at the 20 yard line – (* new rule ) 
12. After a flag is pulled the defender must give the flag back or it is a 5yd penalty.
13. No hand offs or any passes behind the line.
14. Pass interference is spot of the foul and no loss of down for the offense.
15. There is no shoving, holding or tackling. This will result in a 5 yard penalty and no loss of down. Same applies to the offense with a loss of down.
16 The QB can only run once every 4 downs behind the first down marker

17. If the defense decides to blitz the QB can run from anywhere

18. If a player with the ball is on the ground, the play is blown dead.
19. The first play of each drive The defense has 25 seconds as well. after those 25 seconds the offence may begin the play.
20. If the snap is dropped/mishandled/botched, the play is still live, (not dead) however it just means that the DE’s can go in right away, before the  count is complete (this is not considered a blitz)

21. In the playoffs: Overtime – will be college style rules- each team will start from the 50 yard line, Each team will have a chance to score . Any penalty in OT will be replay of down and half the distance to the Goal line.