League Information

5 Towns Hockey League is a competitive hockey league for ages Pre 1a – 8th Grade. the league is run by Mr. Ira Schechter & Mr. Daniel Orenstein 

This league will provide a fun and competitive environment for children in Grades Pre1a – 8th .

All Pre 1A games will be on Monday Night @5:45 !! — All 1st Grade games will be on Tuesday  nights @5:45  !! 

The divisions will be

Pre 1a — 1st — 2nd/3rd — 4th/5th and 6th -8th

  All games will be at Yeshiva South Shore 1170 William St. Hewlett on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Nights. The league schedule/teams will be posted shortly after registration closes. The Fall Season begins in September and the Spring Season in February 

All teams will be coached by volunteer parents and the refs will be high school/college students with adult supervision.

Ira and Dan will be overseeing the night to night supervision of the league. Combined they have over 30 years of Yeshiva league hockey experience

On game day please email [email protected] with any issues or concerns.

Games will be played every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Nights.

Players are expected to bring their own stick, wear their own helmet, cup and shin guards.

Each game will be assigned a 45 minute slot. Please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled game so that the game can begin on time. Pre 1a and 1st will be practicing for the first 15 minutes on learning how to play hockey then they will play a 30 minute game. The 2nd-8th grade games will consist of three eleven minute periods, running time  with a 5 minute warm up period before the game . If the score in any of these games is either tied or within two goals, the last minute of the third period will be stopped time. If a game is tied at the end of the third period no overtime will be played except in the playoffs.

While you may ask for players to be placed on your son’s team for carpool or convenience, your request will only be honored as long as it does not upset the competitive balance of the league. Parity will always take precedence over carpool and convenience. Further, in order to make sure the teams are as balanced as possible, evaluations of all new players and some returning players will be necessary.

All players are expected to wear a league-issued reversible to all games. If you do not wish to purchase one, please make sure your son will wear either navy blue or white (depending on which team he is on and which team he is playing). Please do not let your son wear a green or red or pink or purple, etc.  jersey or t-shirt as this will confuse not only the refs but the teams and other parents as well. Navy blue or white only.

There will be no Overtime in the regular season. Playoffs will be decided be the team with the percentage of winning records. The top 4 teams in each divisions will make the playoffs and maybe even more then that depending on how many teams in each league. If teams are tied the tie breaker will be first head to head records. If the teams are still tied we will do  records vs playoff teams and then after that result to a coin toss.

All participants in the league are expected to behave with the utmost respect and menchlikite to both the referees and the coaches.

Parents who would like to come and watch their children play are asked to politely watch from the sidelines and not interfere with the game. Any concerns or issues that you have can be discussed after the games are over.

Coaches are expected to:

·        Treat players, parents, opponents and officials with respect.

·        Teach and inspire players to love the game and compete fairly and in a sportsmanlike manner.

·        Demonstrate by example the type of person he wants the players to be.

·        Realize that as the coach he is a role model and understands the sport he is coaching.

Players are expected to:

·        Treat opponents with respect.

·        Adhere to all rules and regulations in regard to sportsmanship and participation.

·        Demonstrate self-control.

·        Respect and accept all official’s calls and decisions without gestures or arguments.

·        Win with dignity, lose without excuses.

·        The good of the team always comes first.

·        Show respect for your coaches, the opposition’s coaches and players and the officials.

·        Conduct themselves at all times in a manner that represents extraordinary character and sportsmanship.

Parents are expected to:

·        Be positive role models at all games.  Your son will be very aware of your behavior.

·        Be supportive of the coach.  The team is the coach’s responsibility, not the parents.

·        Not coach from the sidelines.

·        Communicate with the coach and create a positive supportive working relationship.

·        Realize that as the coach he  is a role model and understands the sport he is coaching and the proper behavior that is expected.

·        Remember the primary value of athletic participation is to provide our youth with an opportunity for self-development, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

·       Respect the judgment of the officials and refrain from openly criticizing each and every call the official makes.

Understand and respect the different roles of parents, coaches and officials.  Parents should parent, coaches should coach, and officials should officiate and each should be treated with respect for what they do.

Looking forward to a great season.