• Players must have a stick, helmet with full face shield, gloves, and athletic supporter
  • We recommend that players wear hockey or soccer shin guards
  • We will provide goalie equipment for those interested in playing goalie
  • Practice/Drills/Evaluations will take place the first two weeks
  • Players will learn to play floor hockey, have fun in a competitive environment and show good sportsmanship throughout. All participants in the league are expected to behave with the respect towards their fellow players, the referee and the coach 
  • Each player will be given a customized shirt with their name and number
  • Parents who would like to come and watch their children play are asked to politely watch from the sidelines and not interfere with the game. Any concerns or issues that you have can be discussed after the games are over
  • The primary value of participation is to provide our youth with an opportunity for self-development, physically, emotionally, and to build their self esteem
  • Understand and respect the different roles of players, parents, coaches and officials.  Players should play, parents should parent, coaches should coach, and officials should officiate and each should be treated with respect for what they do

November 12
November 19
December 3
December 10
December 17
January 7
January 14
January 28
February 4
February 11

Space is limited, spots will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis.

Program will be under the direction of Ira Schechter, co-director of Five Towns Hockey. He can be reached at [email protected]gmail.com

                         Looking forward to a fun, safe, and competitive season.